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Strategic Consulting, Leadership Techniques, & Executive Coaching

Perform your Best


Distinguish your Need(s)

The needs of every company and organization differ in response to the organizations mission. We will work with you to discover and identify needs seen and unseen. This will help develop and see your vision much clearer. 


Identify Obstacles & Barriers

Barriers and Obstacles often get in the way of an organization or persons way of success due to weaknesses and threats that are hard to overcome. We will help you identify and navigate these challenges one by one, as well as develop a personal development and/or company plan moving forward. 


Set Unique & Divergent Goals

Once your needs are identified and obstacles are addressed, we can now set unique and divergent goals that allow you to stand out over competitors and embrace your utmost potential. 


Embrace your vision

Vision and/or purpose is comparable to the gas pedal in a vehicle. If you do not constantly press into it, the vehicle will not move. The same is true for any person or organization. You must have a great vision and know how to press into it. We look forward to helping you press into deeper levels of success! 

Additional Services We Offer

At Lirette Enterprises, we are proud to offer a variation of first class services in order to better serve our clients. 

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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance in comparison to Whole Life Insurance, has a specific end date and tend to be the most affordable option. Typically, the term last 10-30 years. If you pass away during the term, then your beneficiaries are granted the death benefit as indicated on your policy. 

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Final Expense Insurance

Funeral expenses and final debts are often left to family members to incur. These policies are more affordable, generally no more than $50,000 in coverage with affordable monthly payments that ensure that all your final expenses are covered. 

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Whole Life Insurance Coverage

Whole Life, also referred to as Permanent Life Insurance, offers policy's that will last for the rest of your life. In addition to offering a death benefit, some of the money paid into the policy via your premium builds a "cash value." This cash value allows you to take out policy loans and use this money for emergencies. 

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Indexed Universal Life

This is the perfect option for the buyer seeking to grow their investment in a policy. The premiums are invested into indexed investment accounts, where the profit and losses of the account are contingent on a specific index, like the S&P 500.

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Mortgage Protection

This type of policy assures you mortgage is fully paid in the event of the passing of the individual or in the event the insured is disabled. Generally, these options are decreasing term polices, which means that the policy is set up to match the duration of your mortgage with the amount the policy is worth, decreasing in line with your mortgage.  

Flexible Payment Planning

Annuities & Investments

Annuities are insurance plans that provide a fixed income for a period of time, typically for the purpose of retirement or part of a long term investment strategy. For those who feel as if they may outlive their savings, or fear that their investments may be affected by poor market performance, an annuity may be the right choice for you!

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Health, Eye & Dental Coverage

Everyone should have the opportunity to receive great healthcare, and we are proud to offer different heath plans whether it be family or individual. As human beings, one thing we all have in common is the need for routine maintenance such as far as health, dental, and eye care goes. 

Buildings Close Together

Real Estate Management & Investing

We are proud to offer various properties for short term & long term stays depending on the location of the property. Our first class properties can be viewed by clicking the "view our properties" tab above, and we look forward to hosting you as our next guest at one of our wonderful locations! 

Car Front


Premier Exotics Rental & Fleet Management is proud to offer various Luxury Rentals to our customers in various locations through our partnership with TURO! Whether its for business, vacation, or just fun, enjoy one of our beautiful well maintained vehicles today; you won't be disappointed! 24/7 customer service guaranteed. 

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Future Income & Retirement Planning

We are proud to offer one-on-one Future Income & Retirement Planning for those looking to get the most out of their retirement as well as confidence in their financial security for years to come. Often

times, people either miss out or are misinformed of how to protect their lives and finances and we are here to help with each step of that process.  

A young man wearing a helmet on a motorbike

Accidental Insurance Coverage

Accidental Policy's are for those who want to take the extra step of caution in the event an injury or sudden accident. The insured can spend the money however they'd like, and the premiums are usually lower than other types of policy's for most age groups. These policy's are not a replacement for, but complementary to health insurance plans. 

TURO & Investment Opportunities

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“Dylan was great to work with; we will definitely use him again.”

Jimmy H, League City, TX

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